Simonetta Baldini, Reflections

Reflections – 2003, Carrara white marble

Simonetta Baldini, Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara

6° ed. “real/virtual”

Location: Cuneo, Dante 51


The artwork interprets the relationship between real and virtual with a large, high and slightly concave shape realized in white marble – ancient and primordial material –  placed on slightly sloping base. The vertical layout suggests the idea of a sculpture that gets nourishment from the natural atmosphere. The upper part of the compact marble outlines an undulating and perforated movement through which it is possible to see the silhouette of the birds flying in the sky or among the branches of the trees. Both the use of an handcrafted technique in shaping and finishing the marble, and the artificial illumination of the sculpture, contribute to the simulation of a symbiotic movement between natural and artificial. The light floods the marble transforming it into a sort of screen and it crosses the holds projecting the virtual movement of the shapes on nature.

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