Noriaki Gondo, Does it exist a beauty of living?

Does it exist a beauty of living? – 2002, bronze

Noriaki Gondo, Brera Academy of Fine Arts of Milan

5°ed. “the beauty”

Location: Cuneo, Dante 45


The visualization of a philosophical and human dimension of the concept of “beauty” borrows some aphorisms from the tradition of Western thought and integrates them into a self-presentation of the work as a fundamental interpretative caption. “Human beings rest although they do nothing. Human beings always feel tired just as a consequence of existing “, “…the human body consumes just like that. Like a metal that slowly rusts and eventually corrodes… ”

In the sculpture that asks the question “Does it exist a beauty of living?” we find five tree branches in bronze articulated according to a larval human figure in movement. The plastic substance of the work seems to grow in an absolutely primordial state, as if beauty were inherent in a rudimentary vital sketch.

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