Christian Loretti, Soap

Soap – 2005, concrete and stones

Christian Loretti, Academy of Fine Arts of Foggia

8° ed. “the astonishment”

Location: Cuneo, Dante 45


The art work aims to create astonishment by a bizarre juxtaposition between such a daily-life object as it is a bar of soap (evocated by the title) and a river stones mosaic. The stones have been colored of white, brown and black in order to re-create a sort of  shell of an odd animal lying on the public green. The artwork is influenced by the pop culture here proposed in a primordial version and in an harmonic relation with nature.

Like a huge seed left on the grass or a shell, the mysterious shape of the sculpture represents that fantastic world that survives the passing of time and everyday life and it flows like water on the soap.

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