Donatella Minessi, Hippocrene

Hippocrene – 2006, iron and plexiglass

Donatella Minessi, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan

9° ed. “Olympia”

Location: Cuneo, Dante 60.


The mystery of ancient times as well as of gods and heroe of classic age, together with a complex interpretation of  the myth meet with modernity. The author evokes the figure of Pegasus, the winged horse that made burst the Mount Helicon water spring well-known with the name of Hippocrene “horse spring” where Muses used to meet to sing and dance. The body of Pegasus is not entirely represented, but there are only two wings placed on the top of a high curved stele. The sinuous metallic frame with a vague Liberty taste, inside which are embedded in blue heated and deformed plexiglass plates, reflects the symbolic meaning of the wings. they refers to the flight of the imagination of contemporary man with his desire to drink from the sources of myth and poetry.

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