Simona De Caro, 52E3098

52E3098 – 2007, fiberglass and iron

Simona De Caro, Academy of Fine Arts of Naples

10° ed. free theme

Location: Cuneo, Dante 62


The sculpture comes from a series of “automatic drawings” made directly with the color. The sinuous curved lines, starting from the base, develop in height creating three-dimensionality through concave and convex surfaces. Focused on an abstract repertoire, the artist elaborated a work whose title 52E 3098 is the serial number of the paint color used in car bodywork production. The sculpture targets technological people and it blends drawing with plastic arts, painting and design. The result of this mix of expressive elements is a mysterious mass of plastic fiberglass, glossy and softly inviting to touch, which is an ironic artificial interface integrated in the natural environment. The sculpture invites the observer to a new perceptual experience  suggesting as well a new aesthetic vision of the place.

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