Gianluca Lampione, Connections

Connections – 2008, polycarbonate, stainless steel and Sabucina Stone

Gianluca Lampione, Academy of Fine Arts of Catania

11° ed “the mother”

Location: Cuneo, Piazza Torino – Mater Amabilis University, backyard of the Faculty of Economics


The heart of the plastic composition is the human figure, represented in a strongly synthetic and allusive way to introduce such a sensitive and universal theme, centered on the relationship between mother and child. A bond of love and of complicity, of understanding and connections of the senses, expressed through few and eloquent elements: a large sheet of polycarbonate and a base in stone. The two side ends of the transparent polycarbonate have two figures seen in profile: the mother and the child. The flexibility of the material  allows the creation of a double curvature from which the two profiles meet. The curvature takes inspiration from the mathematical symbol of infinity and underlines a continuum of life, an inseparable bond existing between the mother and the son. A particularly intense atmosphere hovers around the work that represents the exploration of the dimension of affects, in its symbolic as well as physical and emotional sense.

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