Giulia Di Santo, The encounter

The encounter – 2009, Carrara white marble

Giulia Di Santo, Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara

12° ed. “identity/integration”

Location: Cuneo, on the corner of via Mons. Riberi and via Gobetti, Donatello district


The installation reflects on the theme of “identity/integration” drawing on primary sources: the history of sculpture, architecture and the spaces of urban living. In this context, the artwork can be seen both as a reference and echo of familiar structures of minimalist sculpture, and as an “artistic” object in its essence, a metaphor of a building in the curtain of buildings that make up the scenic backdrop. The sequence of four elements, two of which are placed on a base, expresses the possibility of joining together through essential plastic volumes, characterized by rounded profiles and crossed by large oval openings. They are like huge gears of a huge interlocking game. But despite the large heavy masses of marble, the assembly instill a sense of lightness. The illusory randomness of the arrangement, the sense of momentum between the parts, the repetition of the same shapes and the white color of the whole give a metaphysical aura to the sculpture.

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