Miae O, Material and shape

Material and shape – 2010, Roman travertine

Miae O, Academy of Fine Arts of Rome

13° ed. “nature or sustainability?”

Location: Cuneo – Madonna dell’Olmo, via Chini, public garden of La Torretta district


Sixteen blocks of travertine stacked one on each other to form an ideally infinite column. The choice between “nature or sustainability” is just apparently a dichotomy: the travertine which represents the nature does not oppose the concept of sustainability represented by the shape and it becomes itself, through the sedimentation of the layers, a multitude of variations of forms. According to the Aristotelian conception, the world of ideas is never separated from that of things: the realization of the sculpture starts from these philosophical assumptions, that is the convergence between the assumed existence of the material and the necessary presence of a form

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