Andrea Marcianò, Se.Me

Seed /  If.Me – 2011, bronze

Andrea Marcianò, Brera Academy of Fine Art of Milan

14° ed. “the taste and the style”

Location: Cuneo, public park of Villa Custoza, Viale Angeli 142-144


The reflection on the theme of the competition pushes towards the plastic re-elaboration of a remote archetype, a very special fantastic abstraction that becomes concrete and real as attested by the work with an ambivalent title: “Se.Me”. Depending on the exclusion or inclusion of the point between the two syllables of the word, we obtain two halves of a broader meaning. In the first case, the Italian word “seme” – “seed” in English – suggests the generating principle of every living species but also, in a conceptually broader reading, the principle from which they germinate human capacities and fundamental freedoms. In the second interpretation – in English we obtain  “if.myself” – the focus is on the creative subjectivity, the self and the me, that is to say the unconscious that plays a fundamental role in the search for new balances. In the specific form of sculpture, the concepts of “taste” and “style” are flanked by two halves and are compared by recognizing themselves as part of the same reality. Attracted from each other, they create an emotional vibration, a game of reflection in the mirror polished surface of the bronze, which reveals the infinite.

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