Jessica Pelucchini, In-equality

In-equality – 2012, weathering steel and stainless steel

Jessica Pelucchini, Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino

15° ed. “ItalyaItali”

Location: Cuneo – Spinetta, public garden of via Giuseppe Peano,


On the occasion of the celebration for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, the artist creates an abstract-structuralist work that develops the historical theme through an installation of linear elements in space. The artwork consist of six burnished iron slabs joint together that are the tridimensional version of an original draw that finds its space in the natural environment. The artwork has a minimal volume and almost a zero plastic value, but it takes on a high dynamic value and becomes rhythm, a design of a thought in the air and in the light. In fact, between the slabs we find a stainless steel band embedded on which was engraved a phrase of one of the protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento epic, Camillo Cavour, who said: “I am a child of freedom and I owe it everything that I am …” . This maxim, like an umbilical cord in history, crosses all different elements of the sculpture, keeping them joint together in a harmonious unicum.

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