Elena Tortia, Zoroastrianism

Zoroastrianism – 2013 reinforced concrete and colored plastic cement

Elena Tortia, Albertina Academy of Fine Arts of Turin

16° ed. “the space of youth aggregation”

Location: Cuneo, corso Galileo Ferraris – public garden Piazza II Reggimento degli Alpini


The whole city is considered the perfect space of youth aggregation. The design of the installation takes inspiration from a topographic map of Cuneo. The installation consist of many elements reproducing in scale the urban spaces occupied by the buildings, and visitors can make an unprecedented experience of crossing places. The visitor reverses his dimension of “Lilliputian” in the usual relationship with the city, to assume the role of a new “Gulliver” with full mastery of the scene. In this way the sculpture, with its horizontal development and minimal height, extends like a red carpet on which the visitor can walk in the middle of the spaces created and he can observe from above the morphology of the city.

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