Dorita Genati, Essential

Essential – 2014, iron, polyester, acrili resin, marble powder

Dorita Genati, Academy of Fine Arts of Catania

17° ed. “old/new”

Location: Cuneo – Borgo San Giuseppe, via G. Mereu – SportArea


The theme “old/new” is reinterpreted in an absolutely contemporary key, in the light of all the dynamics of change that see man at the center of a process of reinterpretation of reality.

The artist thought about the fleetingness of the world, all the concerns and the tensions and  wanted to transmit these sensations on the material which was then be shaped with  the collaboration of the master scenographers of  Viareggio Carnival. This is a sculpture that, behind an apparent double imposing mass, hides the feeling of lightness of change. They are two huge white wings, open and laid down on the lawn that symbolically create a gap between “a before” and “an after”, between “an old” and “a new”, through an icon which is “essential” but at the same time dreamlike thanks to the size and simplification of the shapes.

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