Marco Scifo, Flight of swans

Flight of swans – 1998, bronze

Marco Scifo

Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan

1°ed. “the swan”

Location: Cuneo, Dante 52


The sculpture is a tribute to the logo of Peano Foundation which consist of  a couple of swans recalling the classical idea of beauty represented by the principles of  balance and symmetry.

In the sculpture the basic element – that is the swan – is reproduced through its own specular and opposite ones, creating a perceptual correspondence between emptiness and material, that follows the artistic research carried out by M. C. Escher in the twentieth century. The consistency of the bronze and the intangibility of the air twist together creating a sense of motion impossible to stop and determining a sense of continuous mutation of the sculpture itself.

The process of oxidation of the bronze is giving the artwork a blue-green coloring that makes it blend with the vegetation around it.

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