Giuseppe Palella, Aurea

Aurea – 1999, resin, baked clay, glass, wood, iron

Giuseppe Palella, Academy of Fine Art of Bologna

2° ed. “the tree”

Location: Cuneo, Dante 5 – removed in July 2018 because damaged and not restorable


The sculpture is a symbolic interpretation of  the theme of the tree. It is represented by the resin that trickles from the trunk, thickening or solidifing in the air. Resin can be found in nature also as a fossil that may contain inside organisms imprisoned at the moment of its formation. Looking at the five slabs in which the installation is articulated, we find the idea of the tree well-preserved in the resin translucent matter. The artist mixed the synthetic resins with different types of twigs collected in the parks of  Cuneo, with the aim to recall the dialogue between nature and man’s work and the relationship between the urban context and the sculpture.

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