Liliia Mochula, Points of view

Points of view – 2016 Roman travertine

Liliia Mochula, Academy of Fine Arts of Rome

19° ed. “sculpture for the city”

Location: Cuneo, Lungogesso Papa Giovanni XXIII, public garden “Dino Fresia”


The installation is a mass of travertine that recalls both an architectural structure and an abstract sculpture with evocative echoes of the English plastic research of the Nineties. In the compact block of material visitors can recognize the window openings, the grooves of the windows and all those signs that refer to a summary table of the building elements which put in relationship the concept of living and the life of people within an urban context. In this way the sense of heaviness and impenetrability, which is typical of every monumental plastic form, is lightened up to disappear in the plot of visual relations with the public space, perceived through a plurality of “points of view” that the perforated body of the artwork makes available to visitors.

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